Geek Fact for November 1st

In 1962, the Soviet space probe Mars 1 was launched. Mars 1 was the first attempt to probe Mars. Unfortunately, contact was lost with the spacecraft 60 million miles en route to Mars. Learn more at

Geek Fact for October 26th

In 1966, the first Pacific communications satellite, Intelsat 2, was launched. Launched for placement above the Pacific, Intelsat 2 failed to achieve synchronous orbit. Despite this, it was used to transmit live television and other communications traffic. Learn more at

Geek Fact for October 25th

In 1955
, Tappan introduced the first domestic microwave oven. Priced at $1,295, the microwave oven had a stainless-steel exterior , an aluminum oven cavity with a glass shelf and two cooking speeds (500 or 800 watts). Learn more at

Geek Fact for October 20th

In 1906, 
Dr. Lee DeForest announced his three-element electrical vacuum tube. Later known as the triode, it ushered in a new age of electronics through its use in the amplification of electrical signals. Learn more at

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