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  • NoSquint: Terrific Firefox add-on to improve web page readability

    NoSquint was referred to me by my good mate “EJ” who runs two Windows laptops plus a gaming machine and is pretty computer savvy. After trying out this Firefox add-on myself, on EJ’s recommendation, I am mightily impressed. NoSquint adds readily accessible and easily applied options to adjust text size, overall size, plus text and […]

  • Firefox 15 addresses memory issues – finally!

    It appears that Mozilla’s leak-management project, code-named ‘MemShrink’, might finally have achieved the results all dedicated Firefox users have been waiting for. Mozilla is confident that the new Firefox 15 for PCs will put an end to the multitude of memory-management issues which have plagued Firefox over the years. According to the official Mozilla announcement, […]

  • Firefox 3.6 – R.I.P

    Mozilla has announced that, after April 24th, there will be no further updates for Firefox 3.6. With the exception of any last minute security patches, Firefox 3.6.28 released last month, will be the final update. Firefox 3.6 was the last of the legacy versions before Mozilla embarked on its ‘rapid release’ program in 2011 with […]

  • Turn Off the Lights – a cinematic experience

    Cinemas will dim the lights prior to the commencement of a movie in order to help eliminate distractions and provide maximum contrast. Now, thanks to Turn Off the Lights, you can enjoy the ‘cinematic experience’ on the home PC while viewing videos on popular media sites such as YouTube, or while playing online games. Of […]

  • Could Google cut off Mozilla’s revenue?

    Mozilla, the developer of the popular Firefox browser, are about to announce an increase in revenue for 2010. Mozilla’s gross income grew 18%, from a recorded  $104 million in 2009 to an anticipated $123 million in 2010. A significantly large portion of that revenue being derived from search engines, with Google providing the lion’s share. […]

  • Firefox 7.0 released

    Continuing with their enhanced development cycle Mozilla has released version 7.0 of their popular Firefox web browser. The changelog show the following improvements: Drastically improved memory use Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync Added support for […]