Swedish “Genital” Video for Kids – Shock, Horror!

A children’s show produced by Sweden’s public service broadcaster SVT recently released a music video for its “Snoppen och Snippan” [penis and vagina] song to coincide with the premiere of its new season. Since the show chose to illustrate the bouncy, catchy track with a pair of dancing cartoon genitals, the video made headlines in Sweden and around the world.

The show, Bacillakuten, deals with the body and our most common physical conditions, so it’s not out of character for it to talk about organs that everyone has. However, after being posted on SVT’s Facebook page, the video has met with widespread criticism.

Could this be the new “Wiggles”? Oh lordy, what did I just say! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Swedish “Genital” Video for Kids – Shock, Horror!”

  1. WHAT???? Seriously? Come on, let the kids be kids. They will learn about sex soon enough. SMH!

  2. To think that this world has gone mad, this is only getting worse. Nowadays, that stuff, in the video, is normal stuff that people listen to in the radio, watch on TV, and talk about like it’s of no importance.

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