Super Deals: VPN And Email/Spam Manager

Firetrust is a long-established software development company based in New Zealand and is best known for its terrific “MailWasher” email and spam manager. However, Firetrust also produces an excellent VPN and both these products are available right now at a super-discounted price of 55% discount.

HideAway VPN Deal

Right now you can purchase a license for this superb VPN for a special holiday discounted price (new customers only).

HideAway is a different type of VPN in that it is always on, meaning that connection to its servers is instantaneous. HideAway includes all the features one would expect from a reputable VPN, including:

  • Guaranteed No-Logging: We didn’t build any logging capability into the software, so we can’t even turn logging on. So we can’t be compelled to hand over any information as we have nothing since the logging capability doesn’t exist
  • No Data Limits: When you connect via our high-speed servers, you can use as much data as you like – there are no limits, even with torrents
  • Built-In Kill Switch: If you lose your internet connection, HideAway will cut the connection so that your real IP address and information is not leaked
  • Secure Against DNS Leaks: Automatically secured against IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leaks
  • Strong Encryption: Your connection is secured with super strong AEAD encryption and it’s very fast. Any internet activity you do through HideAway is encrypted and anonymous

With HideAway, you can choose to redirect the entire computer so all outgoing connections are through the VPN. Choose to redirect a specific browser, or connect optimally to a specific streaming service:

HideAway provides servers across the globe, including 6 across the U.S. I use HideAway myself and it is a superb VPN:

  • One-Year License: $22.48 US  –  $26.98 AU
  • Two-Year License: $44.95 US  –  $53.95 AU
  • Three-Year License: $67.43 US  –  $80.93 AU

NOTE: These deals are for new customers only. A 55% discount is automatically applied

*To take advantage of this offer, visit: HideAway – Secure Shopping
*To read more about HideAway, visit: HideAway – Super Fast VPN

MailWasher Pro Deal

MailWasher Pro is superb email/spam management software supporting multiple email accounts. MailWasher sits between your mail server and your PC providing a full description and preview of every email message received on the server.

From there, you can selectively choose which email to keep, which to delete, and which to mark as spam. This means you never download unwanted email to your PC and only need to visit your webmail client if there are any email messages you specifically want to deal with.

I have used MailWasher Pro for many years and wouldn’t be without it. In fact, I guarantee you could ask any MailWasher user and they will tell you the same – it’s must-have software.

Right now you can purchase a MailWasher Pro license discounted by a whopping 55% (applies for new customers only):

  • MailWasher Pro One-Year License: $22.48 US  –  $26.98 AU
  • MailWasher Pro Two-Year License: $33.70 US  –  $38.20 AU
  • MailWasher Pro Three-Year License: $44.93 US  –  $49.43 AU
  • MailWasher Pro Lifetime License: $67.48 US  –  $88.18 AU

*To take advantage of this deal (new customers only), visit: MailWasher Pro – Secure Shopping
*To read more about MailWasher Pro, visit the MailWasher Pro Home Page

Disclaimer: Neither I nor DCT receive any payment or compensation of any kind for publishing this article. This is simply a super deal for excellent software that I wanted to share.

1 thought on “Super Deals: VPN And Email/Spam Manager”

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jim. I was so impressed with MailWasher that I purchased the lifetime version. Oddly, I do not use the program for that purpose, rather to inform use when we receive mail. So, if there are others who do not use smart devices, and would like to be alerted to incoming email, which you can set to specific time intervals, check out MailWasher. Highly recommended software with excellent support staff, Mindblower!

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