Still Paperless

Two weeks and counting, I’m still paperless at work. I have to say that I think it’s getting easier.  Taking my iPad to meetings or using it to record information is starting to become second-nature.

I am still using Evernote to capture thoughts, meeting notes, etc. for the various things I am working on. I’ve made a notebook for each project/initiative that I am involved in and that has worked out quite well. I also take photos of any whiteboard information from meetings. That has worked out very nicely. No more need to try to replicate what’s on the whiteboard in my notes. I incorporate any photos of the whiteboards directly into my notes.   I take photos of any handouts and incorporate them into my meeting notes as well.

As I have said before, I am a huge fan of Appigo’s Todo app. I’ve had it on my iPhone for years and it has my whole life in it, including work, Christmas, errands, you name it. I decided to buy Todo ($4.99) for my iPad as well. If I am in a meeting and need to add something to my ‘to do’ list, it’s easier and more discrete to do it on my iPad instead of breaking out the iPhone. I just started using Todo on my iPad a few days ago but so far, so good. I am using iCloud to keep the devices in sync.  Todo Online and Dropbox are options for this as well.

I am still using TapFactory’s Sticky Notes app to keep track of project numbers and other ‘sticky note’ things.  I haven’t added any new notes recently but I use the app frequently to retrieve information that I have already ‘sticky noted’.

Whether or not it’s reality, I feel that I am more organized.  For the last two weeks, I’ve had everything that I needed on my iPad, regardless of where I was working from.  I think I’m hooked.  I don’t think I could go back.  I’ll keep you posted.

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