Smartphone ‘Bluetooth Finder’ App Plays Hide and Seek

You’re getting warm, warmer, you’re getting hot, you are sweating … BINGO there it is!

I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. There have been times when I have set it down for it’s own protection and later when I remembered about it, the phone is missing. Usually it is another family member who thinks they are being helpful and they have moved it. No one fesses up to it, so I truly believe they are trying to prank me. Not to worry KARMA comes back to them.

I stumbled upon a great app that has helped me find not only my smart phone but also my Fitbit one exercise tracker. Though there are many such apps out there, some free and others which cost a nominal amount, I do actually have experience with these two.  I have also saved a friend when she lost her iPhone at the park while we were training our dogs.

First and foremost for those of you that do not know what Bluetooth Technology is … Bluetooth allows devices which support it to communicate without cables or wires.

I use an app called Bluetooth Finder. You can get it here: Bluetooth Finder

The app once downloaded will give you a signal strength after it locates the bluetooth signal from your device. I lost my Fitbit One during the winter, the app gave me signals indicating that the device was outside and I eventually found it under several feet of snow. It was still working, imagine that. The app informed me when it was synching to my phone and showed me the strength of the signal – it displays a color coded Hot, Warm, Cold signal. Anyone remember that game growing up, the Hot/Cold game? Well, it is just like that.

If you have Bluetooth disabled on your device, well forget it, you’re out of luck. Get on your hands and knees right now and start looking for your device.

For iPads and iPhones, I have been told LightBlue-Bluetooth Finder works great. You can get it here: LightBlue Bluetooth finder

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to apps and reviews. If you know of a similar app which works well, let us know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Smartphone ‘Bluetooth Finder’ App Plays Hide and Seek”

  1. Michael Graham Palmer

    Who would be foolish enough to have the bluetooth on their devices permanently activated? As such how can this app be of much use?

  2. Michael a fitbit is an exercise tracker. Mine is not the wrist band type but rather a clip on type. I lose it often. THis app has saved me more than once. IN fact just this weekend it did. I see nothing wrong with a fitness tracker having bluetooth on. DO you?

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