Daves Computer Tips

Slow Firefox Tabs?

I am a great fan of the Firefox browser but every now and again I find something that niggles me.

I usually have quite a few tabs open and when I wanted to close one or more of them found that Firefox was taking a second or two to close the tabs down.

Not only that but the switching between tabs was just a little sluggish which I later found out was being caused by the animation used by Firefox. If you have the same problem then the fix is very easy.

Open Firefox and in the address bar type about:config then press enter. The page that opens will ask you to Promise to Be Careful. Yes, mine is in Swedish – sorry! Click on the warning and you will enter the configuration screen.

In the filter bar type browser.tabs.animate and the boolean key will be the only key you should see.

The key will have a value of True, double click on it and it will switch to False.

Restart Firefox and now you will find that tabs open and close instantly with no delay caused by the animation. Should you want to re-activate the animation just follow the steps above again and switch the key back to True.

Enjoy faster tabs!