SiSoft Sandra – All About Your PC

Did you ever want to know all about your  PC? Then here is your ticket to knowledge. It’s free and it’s one of the best system investigators out there. Belarc, notwithstandng…


SiSoftSandra —  a strange name, indeed. Here’s what it means–

Q: What does “Sandra” stand for?
A: It stands for System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant.

A long-winded effort towards creating an acronym. “I pity the poor fool.” ~ Mr. T

Nevertheless, SiSoftSandra is the genuine article and they just came out with a new and improved software publication that benefits all of us. I have used it in the past and can verify its usefulness. The program will most definitely let you know what your computer is all about. It will most probably tell you  more than you are interested in knowing. That may not be a bad thing…

Download and Install SiSoft Sandra

There are many versions of this program and the free version (Sandra Lite) does have its limitations. I must say, in its defense, that the free version offers enough to be a worthwhile addition to any software collection.

Download is a comparatively large 67MB and, unfortunately, the software does require installation. I say “unfortunately” because I’d always prefer portable… but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? The good news is, Virus Total gives it a clean bill of health and installation is bundle free.

Once you start delving into the features and details provided under the various tabs, you can begin to appreciate why the program is so large.

Benchmarks Tab
Hardware Tab
Software Tab

Here’s a link to get the SiSoft Sandra Software:  SiSoft Sandra download.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I,

2 thoughts on “SiSoft Sandra – All About Your PC”

  1. Richard, you may want to look at the link again. To get the full version – you have to complete additional offers from TrialPay or buy the software. Other sites are offering the Lite version… Keep up the great work! Stuart

    1. Hi Stuart,

      You are right about the top link on that page, but if you scroll down you will find links to the free program.

      I suggest you use the Major Geeks link to download the software.

      Thanks for the kind comment,

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