RIP FreewareBB

As many freeware followers will know by now, FreewareBB was sold recently although unfortunately it fell into the hands of people who wanted to use the good name and reputation of the site to scam and trick others. Those very tactics are the likes of which FreewareBB fought religiously against since it’s inception back in 2007, and indeed was one of the main reasons I established the site in the first place.

Strangely, the person who bought the site told me what his plans were whilst I still had partial control of FreewareBB and so I was able to send a message to all the members explaining what had happened and I also had the opportunity to put a message out on WOT (Web Of Trust) to try and discredit the site before the new owner managed to do any damage on the back of our good reputation.

FreewareBB in it’s hayday, back in 2010 !

At the time up until the sale of the site, the prospective new owner seemed very keen and enthusiastic to move things forward and I even offered to help out on the site the best I could, staying on the site as maybe an Admin or Moderator and helping administer the site till they were comfortable and familiar enough with the workings. Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, but looking back at the conversation I had with this person, it was clear he didn’t respond much to my offers but instead continued to ask for the files and encouraged me to double check the domain transfer was still progressing as anticipated.

Only when the domain transfer was complete did he release the auction price and tell me his plans, but by then it was too late!.

Some of you may be wondering why I sold the site or why indeed I’m telling this story. Anyone who spent any time on the site will know that a few years back we were struggling to even raise the hosting costs per month, and I had to consider closing the site down a few times. A good Samaritan then stepped in with the opportunity of free hosting, which I took, and the site lasted a while longer. However, as the site continued to take up most of my spare time and as my own personal commitments at home grew, the strain of maintaining the site and it’s good name was becoming a real problem. Eventually I realised that if I allowed the site to continue without the much needed injection of time and effort, it would likely fall into disrepute itself as more and more listings became outdated or mistakes began to be made in haste and so I offered the site up for sale in the hope someone, somewhere could dedicate more time and care than I could.

Unfortunately, the rest is history, and so, it would appear, is FreewareBB. There are still downloads available on the site and most of the forums are still up but members can no longer participate which is probably just as well as I doubt many of the post’s would have been very favourable to the new owners! As to why I’m telling this story, well, I wanted to let everyone know, especially DCT readers, because both sites had a close affinity to one another and forewarned is forearmed!!

For now, I have my hands full with personal matters, but I hope to be in a position in the very near future to become much more involved with DCT, and I thank Jim and Dave for the opportunity, but in the meantime look out for the occasional post from me and, of course, the obligatory banter between my good friend Jimbo and I.

For now, thank you sincerely to everyone who made FreewareBB what it once was and here’s to a new year with DCT.



12 thoughts on “RIP FreewareBB”

  1. Sad news Marko.

    FreewareBB represented a safe oasis in a desert of greed and unscrupulousness. Apparently, ethics don’t pay.

    Anyway my friend, FreewareBB’s loss is DCT’s gain.

    1. Mark Williamson

      Couldn’t have put it better myself Jim, but hey, out with the old and in with the new, let’s see what 2015 brings 🙂

  2. Will be looking forward on reading some of Mark’s future posts. I have used FreewareBB and am sorry to hear about it being sold. Hoping everything works out for you.

  3. Hi Marko,

    Glad you’ve bobbed up.

    Hope to read plenty from you!

    Again thanks for FBB, you and DCT have shown what a benefit a good website can be to us mere mortals.

  4. Whoa, it looks like the band is back together. Nice to hear from you Marko, we missed you buddy. I’m in close personal contact with most of the FBB key members, and of course Dave and Jim has been keeping ole Claw busy. Glad to have you back, and a very big thank you to Dave and everyone at DCT for being a site of goodwill and honor. Oh and Jim, I told you you would see more of me. Now I need to go rally the rest of the troops, it’s time to let everyone one know that DCT is here to stay

  5. This sounds like what Kmart did to Sears. Changed everything around and ruined the Sears name.

  6. Hi Marko,
    Deeper than disappointing is the demise of FreewareBB, but good things happened by being a member, one was high-class freeware I downloaded without fear of hidden ‘nasties, which saved dodging the obstacles found on other ‘suspicious’ sites.
    The second was discovering that Jim Hillier was a ‘neighbour’ in Queensland, the third was creating ongoing contact with other members from the UK, USA etc; and the various discussions, interesting posts, computer advice and’Fun Stuff’, all of which led me to DCT.
    It was great while it lasted Marko, even though the the ending was a hassle, the journey was terrific.

    Keep well, keep safe,

    Kind Regards,

    Jon in Oz.

  7. Mark Williamson

    Thanks for all the support guys, great to know there are still communities out on the tinterweb that can still put the bad guys to shame 🙂

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