Riddle Me This. . . The Answers

So some commenters earned their bragging rights, but for those who didn’t here are the answers.

read: http://davescomputertips.com/riddle-me-this/


4 eggs. In all steps, you are dealing with the same two eggs.


87. Just turn the picture upside down.


2110. So first you multiply the numbers together. 5 x 3=15. Then add them. 5 + 3=8. Then put the two answers together– 158. 9 x 1=9 and 9 + 1=10, 910. 8 x 6=48 and 8 + 6=14, 4814. 4 x 4=16 and 4 + 4=8, 168. So, 7 x 3=21 and 7 + 3=10 = 2110.


Kate is playing chess, a two-player game. So the fifth sister is playing chess with Kate.


7 People. Mom and Dad = 2, 4 daughters = 4, and since every sister has one brother, they all share the same brother. That means there is only one brother. 2 + 4 + 1 = 7.


I don’t know how long I was staring at this before it hit me. There were 12 survivors. Look at them as six married couples. And if you are not married, you are SINGLE, and only the single people died in the plane crash.

6 thoughts on “Riddle Me This. . . The Answers”

  1. Terry. Whether you got this from a book or something you thought up yourself is irrelevant. I have a problem with question 4. Chess is played by two, correct. But one can play chess against an AI as well, with the AI being the other person. The way the question is worded can lead someone to believe that the fifth sister was writing the question. Riddles are subject to interpretation, Mindblower!

    1. Not surprising that people from the “Old School’ state that they were the best days in life before younger generations allowed technology to rule their lives.
      So it is with one of the riddles relating to a girl playing chess, it behoves the majority of people to think the girl would be playing chess against a machine which takes away human interaction and a relative ‘bond’ between the players.
      C’est la vie.

      1. This is crazy. I’m young enough to be aware of the concept of people playing against machines, but old enough to honestly say that anytime I’ve played chess I played against a real live breathing human.

        So I fully agree the fifth sister is playing chess with Kate.

  2. FYI. When you play chess, you can also or it was possible before, to play against a real human via a computer. I did so in my youth, in the DOS days, where a game could last a few days to over a month. The determining factor was how often we would connect our computers to a site (no Internet back then) and we could even live in the same city. I omitted this on purpose hoping an old fart would bring this fact to life. Hope I opened the eyes of chess lovers, to the reality that one can use a machine and still play chess with another human being (as was meant to be), Mindblower!

    1. As young teenager I played chess, draughts, dominoes and other board games in a sunny park, in an outdoor cafe, at the library with friends, also at my grandfather’s house.
      All those games played before computers ands technology destroyed socialising, companionship, friendship and bonding with aquaintances in a friendly ‘combat’.
      From my point of view, and choice, I would not even consider sitting alone in a park or outdoor cafe playing chess on a lap-top, either with someone close or far away.

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