Quick Tip – Cordless Phone Battery Not Charging

This shows you how behind the times I am. Still using a landline with a cordless phone. Every now and then the battery seems not to charge up. And there is a simple fix.

Just slide the back cover off and unplug the battery. Wait about 10 seconds and plug it in again. That usually clears it in out in my case.

5 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Cordless Phone Battery Not Charging”

  1. Terry, you are NOT behind the times. Having and using landlines does NOT prevent people from also using cellphones. Those who use lots of bandwidth are better off than paying those expensive cell data package rates.

    Your 10 sec battery disconnect/reconnect reminds me of the computer reboot to solve computer glitches, Mindblower!

    1. Terry Hollett

      Thanks for the comment. Yes is the equivalent of rebooting the phone since it can’t be turned on or off.

      1. I did that on mine & it didn’t work…….so I bought new batteries. That fixed it. I’m old school, I have a landline.

  2. With little by way of mobile (cell) service at my location, I also still regularly use my home phone which, in Australia, is now woven into the (cranky and unnecessarily deficient) NBN.
    Yes, a reboot sounds such a simple fix and most likely is.
    However, it can also clear the memory and if you rely on the recent call history, for example, you need to write it all down before pulling the plug.
    Otherwise all good.
    The batteries the phone comes with last far longer than those purchased ‘after-market’. No idea why that might be.
    But after the 3rd after-market battery purchase, it is cheaper to ditch the phone and buy a new one.
    I am at that point now.

  3. Thank you for a great tip for those of us who have our reasons for keeping a landline. Just another confirmation that I’ve subscribed to the right newsletter. Love Dave’s Computer Tips, always something useful or eye-opening.

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