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Proton, the Switzerland-based company that specializes in providing ultra-secure services, has recently introduced its new cloud data storage service, including a 1 GB plan for free. The company first introduced its secure webmail service, including end-to-end encryption, eight years ago, followed by Proton VPN in 2017, and now Proton Drive cloud storage. During that time Proton has established a stellar reputation for providing users with ultra-secure services that, in terms of security and privacy, are far superior to mainstream alternatives.

There is also a Proton Unlimited plan costing $9.99US per month ($119.88US per annum) which includes 500GB of data storage and consolidates all Proton services, including full access to all Proton Mail and Proton VPN features, into a single package. Individually the cost of all Proton’s services per month adds up to almost $14.00 so the Unlimited plan at $9.95 per month, including additional cloud storage and other advanced features, is a darn good deal.

Proton Drive’s rigorous encryption goes beyond all other secure cloud solutions. End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, not even us, can access your files. Files, file names, folder names, and more, are all fully encrypted at rest and in transit to the secure cloud“.

Proton Drive Free

Now, 1 GB is not a lot of data, it certainly won’t support storing image backups or any large files, but it should be more than adequate for most users to back up their important documents and photos. The main reason I’m bringing this new service to your attention is for the benefit of those users who still have concerns over trusting cloud storage services with the safety of their personal data. Proton’s entire business model has always been predicated on providing the very best security/privacy possible and the company’s record in that area should allay any such concerns.

We believe in trust through transparency. Proton Drive is open source, so anyone can verify that our encrypted cloud storage works as described. Proton Drive is also routinely audited for privacy and security by independent third-party experts“.

Proton Drive features easy file sharing including password-protected files and expiring links, as well as a sync function to ensure all your data is always backed up securely.


Now, I realize this article comes across somewhat like an ad for Proton but I can assure you that neither myself nor DCT has any affiliation whatsoever with the Proton company. I am merely a Proton Mail user and, based on my dealings with Proton and their excellent reputation, I am confident in their ability to provide enhanced security/privacy for their users and have absolutely no problem recommending their services.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Proton is a good security-based company, but as you mentioned, 1 GB on their free tier is very small. There are other security-based cloud drives and security-based cloud backup services that offer equally secure services but offer 5 – 10 GB in their free tier.

    Personally, I use iDrive. I first learned of iDrive on your site from Dick Evans years ago.

    They currently offer 10 GB in their free tier. They use 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage and to transfer the sign-in credentials–so they are secure. They have 2FA support. If you are not going to do file sharing, you can step up the security by using a private encryption key, too. And, they have been audited and comply with the SSAE 16 standard and are GDPR, HIPPA-BAA, SOX, GLBA, and SEC/FINRA compliant.

    I think the average person could get by with a 5-10 GB service, but I don’t think the average person could get by on 1 GB, that’s just too small for most, in my opinion.


    1. Hey JD,

      The issue I have with iDrive is, apart from the 10 GB data limit, there is no mention of exactly what you are getting with a free account, no features listed at all. Can you please confirm the free account includes the same full security and file sharing features that are supported in the paid-for accounts?

      1. Hi Jim,
        To the best of my knowledge, the free version is the same as the Personal version with a 10 GB limit in size. I don’t use sharing, I set up a private security encryption key. But if you need that, do not set up a private security encryption key since the share feature is limited to IDrive accounts with default encryption key.

        The FAQ page is located here:
        The features page is located here:

        Note: there are other security companies out there with 5 -10 GB free tier. Some might not like IDrive since they are located in the US (Five-Eyes and all that). I don’t have an issue with that since I use a private security encryption key so even iDrive can not see my data. But, if they turned it over to the NSA, I’m sure their supercomputers could crack it quickly. I don’t have any info that they would be interested in since I don’t engage in illegal activities nor have State secrets, so that doesn’t concern me.

        Note: Proton will cooperate with law enforcement authorities too: but my guess is that Proton will be a little stronger than iDrive since they are based in Switzerland if that is a concern (but I’m not an expert on this).


        1. Thanks for that JD. I know a lot of security bods worry about the 5-Eyes situation but, personally, I don’t find it overly concerning. If one is not doing anything illegal or immoral and security/encryption is strong, I don’t really think it matters all that much.

          JD, would you mind if I send you a personal message via your registered email address? No problem if you decline, I just want to pass something by you.

  2. Hi Jim,
    I live in Switzerland but got acquainted with Proton VPN thanks to your recommendation. I am now a paid user for the unlimited plan. Incidentally i tried the Proton Drive yesterday. I always use extreme situations when in trial mode. So I tried to upload an entire folder with 170 GB data. What used to be a kid’s game with Dropbox was a real pain in the a.. with PD. From 58000 entries the next day was still showing 44000 remainjng to upload. In addition, there no stand alone applicarion for PD.
    I am wondering why you did not mention in your article if you tried or not Proton Drive.
    Your articles and hard work are always appreciated by the way and I’m a long time fan of your website.
    Thanks for caring Jim.

    1. Hey Pierre,

      I don’t use any sort of cloud storage. My Internet is not fast enough to support uploading files of any significant size so all my backups are stored locally.

      Proton Drive is very new so, hopefully, the service will improve in those areas you’ve mentioned. In the meantime, I suggest you contact Proton support and explain your concerns to them.

      The article was merely to let users know that there is another cloud storage service available, it was never meant to be a detailed review.

      Cheers… Jim

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