Place a Slashed Zero in your Document

Sometimes you have a need for a slashed zero in your document.   I am sure you have see seen them before.  They are very often used in technical or academic documents. They are used mainly to show the difference between zero and the capital letter O.

Should you have a need for this character, there are two ways you can accomplish the task.  First, you will need to find a font that uses the slashed zero.  If you find that you will use this character often, this would most likely be your best solution

If you only use the character every once in a while,  you can follow the steps below:

  1. Place your cursor where you would like to have your slashed zero appear.
  2. Click CTRL + F9 to insert field braces.  You must not do this manually because it will not work!
  3. In between the field brackets, key in:
  4. eq (0,/)
  5. Click Shift + F9.

Word will collapse your field and your slashed zero will appear in your document.

2 thoughts on “Place a Slashed Zero in your Document”

  1. Another way, is to Use Auto Correct Options to have Ø inserted whenever typing either 0/ 0r /0.

  2. Did not work in my Microsoft Word 2010. But I found a formula on ehow dot com which did work. It was the same except for one small variation (the backslash o). Type “eq \o (0,/)” (without the quotation marks) inside the pair of field braces.

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