PhoneClean – Free Up Space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

iMobie recently released an updated version of its popular freeware, PhoneClean.  The new version, PhoneClean 2.0, sports an all-new interface, has a more powerful and stable iPhone clean up engine and works on both Windows and Mac platforms.   PhoneClean removes unnecessary files on your device.   According to iMobie, It’s the only iOS device cleaner that is made to free up space and make all iOS devices run faster with no jailbreak required.

iMobie guarantees that PhoneClean only removes useless junk while never endangering app (data & progress), music, movies, photos or other contents of value.

You can download iMobie directly from iMobie’s website.  iMobie installs on your Windows PC or Mac.  Your iOS device is scanned to determine which files are superfluous and can be removed. Once downloaded onto your PC or Mac, it’s just a few easy steps to identify and remove unneeded files.

STEP 1 – Back up your device.  Whenever I am going to do anything that will be removing files from my device, I always back up my device first.  That way, I can always get back to how it used to be if I have any issues.  With over one million downloads, I am not anticipating any issues with PhoneClean but better safe than sorry.

STEP 2 – Connect your device to your PC or Mac.

STEP 3 – When you start PhoneClean, the following screen will appear.  Note that Mac and PC screens may have subtle differences in appearance but the content is the same.  Click on ‘Start Scan.’

STEP 4 – PhoneClean will analyze what files are safe to be removed from your device.  When the analysis has been completed, you will see the results.  Click on ‘Clean Up’ to delete the unnecessary files from your device.

STEP 5 – The screen above will update during the cleanup process, detailing your progress.  When the cleanup is complete, the following screen will appear. Click on ‘Done’ to proceed.

STEP 6 – An updated status screen will be displayed. You can disconnect your device since the cleanup has been completed.

Supported Windows versions are XP, Vista, Windows, 7 and 8; supported Mac OS X versions are Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8).

Supported devices are basically all iPhones, all iPod touches and all iPads, including the iPad mini.

*It should be noted that the numbers presented by PhoneClean do not necessarily agree with what iTunes is reporting. I sent an email to the PhoneClean representative querying the discrepancies and promptly received the following reply:

Thank you very much for your in-depth view on our PhoneClean. Please allow me to explain the discrepancies between our PhoneClean and iTunes:
1. The total capacity numbers are off, too. iTunes = 57.30 GB; PhoneClean = 59.06.
– The real capacity of 64GB device is 64,000,000,000 Bytes which translates into 59.6GB, minus 2 GB for iOS system stuff.
iTunes = 59.6GB – 2GB – 200MB (space hold for iOS running, updating, etc) = 57.30 GB
PhoneClean = 59.6GB
If users will feel confused about this, we may consider to make it the as the same as iTunes.
2. As the same, the following PhoneClean Free Space, Freed Up Space are all calculated by gibibyte (The gibibyte is closely related to the gigabyte, which is defined as = 1,000,000,000 bytes 1GiB ≈ 1.074GB). And that’s probably the reason of this discrepancies.

Statistical variances aside, the app certainly works as advertized, removing unnecessary files.

So, the bottom line is that PhoneClean is definitely a nice utility to have to help keep your iOS devices uncluttered.

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