Oops! Technology can be Dangerous (video)

We live in a society connected by technology, but it’s important to at least keep one eye on what’s happening in the real world!

This lady was so intent on checking out the latest articles at DCT, she failed to notice the impending danger … we take no responsibility!

I love the two guys chuckling in the background, why is it we find other peoples’ misadventures so amusing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Oops! Technology can be Dangerous (video)”

  1. Have to laugh at that one Jim, the serious part is seeing people with phone in hand, ear plugs in ears, walking onto the road without looking, and I see it happen many times.

  2. As funny as the video shows, the down side is there are those who drive vehicles while doing the same stupid things, and the outcome is very different. Yes, Technology can be Dangerous, Mindblower!

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