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Opera updated again today. I don’t know what’s new under the hood but there are two changes I noticed. One is the Easy setup button that has moved off the Speed Dial page and up on the bar in the top right-hand corner. It’s not really a new feature, just a moved one.

Also, at the end of the URL or web address bar is a new symbol that looks like a camera that helps you to take a snapshot of a web page. If you click on it, a lighter shaded area will appear over the darker shaded background page. You can click on this lighter square and hold down and drag it anywhere on the page you want– look at it like a camera lens.

You can also click on the corners or edges and enlarge it or make it smaller as you see fit. Then, just click on the Capture button.

At the top, you’ll notice the Capture full-screen button if that is what you want. Note that this only captures the visible part of the screen and not the page further down off-screen.

When you click on the Capture button it opens a small editor that reminds me of the Windows Snipping Tool.

The Editing Tools

The Arrow draws an arrow. Click on the little upside-down triangle to change the width and colour

Blur (looks like a raindrop). Good for covering up sensitive information if you are sharing screenshots online or anywhere

Pencil – Free-hand writing tool. I already realize how crappy my handwriting is with a mouse. Again, clicking on the little downwards arrow gives you the option of changing the colour and width of lines

The Happy Face with a camera is for taking a selfie if you have a camera attached to your computer, which I currently do not

And Stickers (like emojis) like the flame one in my example

There are Zoom in and Zoom out buttons and an Undo one. At the bottom (left to right) are a Share button, Save image and Copy and close in case you want to paste it into another photo editing programming

Of course, there might be other changes. These are the only two I noticed right away. This applies to the current version of 60.0.3255.95 as of this writing.

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  1. Terry Hollett

    One other noticeable difference, if you go to print a page, the print options on the print preview page have been switched over from the right hand side to the left. More in tune with Chrome.

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