My Top 5 Short Horror Picks From YouTube

I blame the internet for my short attention span when watching movies. 🙂 I like horror/science fiction, mainly. And it’s nearly Halloween, so here are my Top 5 short horror video picks from YouTube. Descriptions are mostly from YouTube. Click on a title to watch it on YouTube.

 Lure –

“Lure” – A forbidden entry, unless invited.

How To Make A Ghost –

On Halloween night in a small town, a boy accepts a dare from his friends to hide in the back seat of an empty car and frighten the driver when they return. But what starts as a seemingly harmless prank turns into a night from hell.

Overtime –

A man tries to get home to lock himself up before he turns into a werewolf.

Insomnia –

This psychological horror follows Cassie and the vivid dreams she experiences when prescribed sleep medicine. Although her insomnia seems cured, the increasingly sinister nature of her dreams begins to play with her sanity.

Blankets –

What happens when those pesky blankets don’t stay folded?!

What are your favourite movies? Horror or not. Long or short. Let us know in the comments.

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