My Top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps

Over a year ago I wrote an article on “My Top 5 Wallpaper Websites.” It was a big hit so I have now decided to share what my top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps are. If you can add wallpapers to your computer, why not your Android device? For this article I will be testing these apps on my LG Volt cellphone and my kid’s tablet (he will never notice dad took his tablet right?). I have been researching different wallpaper apps over the past month. Working my way through pop-ups, viruses and many other things so you don’t have to. With that being said, I used the same criteria that I used before.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Good selection
  • Visually appealing
  • Clean layout

These apps also must be free-to-use as a new requirement. Let’s get this list started and show you the five best wallpaper apps that I found. Starting from number 5 because, like I have said before, I love countdowns.

#5 500 Firepaper This app has a nice collection of categories to choose from for your rotating wallpapers. Yes, that is right, this app rotates through the categories of pictures you have selected. You can set the intervals from every 30 seconds to every hour so you will never have the same wallpaper for too long. I think that is one of the reasons this app caught my attention. Another interesting feature this one has is the nude selection and the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) option. No worries, these are artistic images so it has some class. Last of all, it is very easy to setup and get started.

#4 Shake Them All 2  Now this one I just love playing with. Shake Them All 2 is just a fun live wallpaper. Turn the gravity off and watch your little Androids float around. Turn the gravity back on and turn your phone to watch them all fall. This really brings out the kid in me. Not a lot of options with this one but simple is sometimes the best. Go check this out and have fun.

#3 Backgrounds HD I found this one very easy to use. Not a lot of bells and whistles which can turn some people off. Searching through the categories is quick and easy. This app is updated daily which means you can find something new every day. The picture you see below is one my wife thought was so adorable. So, that means it is on my phone for now. The one feature I found that was unique was the shuffle option, which mixes up the categories so you can find something new at the top of the page that you might have never found.

#2 Wonderwall  Another great wallpaper app that is very similar layout to Backgrounds HD. That is not a bad thing. It also has a great variety of categories and pictures to choose from. According to the creators of the app they handpicked all the images, which I found to be a plus. Wonderwall has a feature that I think is very cool; you can turn on Autoset, which will place a new wallpaper on your device everyday. Who doesn’t like to be surprised daily? OK, not everyone, but that is why you have the option not to turn it on.


#1 Zedge This is my favorite out of all the apps. Zedge has more than wallpapers for you to enjoy– like ringtones, notification sounds, and games, but we will talk about the wallpapers first. The category options have a little more edgy wallpapers to choose from like Video games, Bollywood, Anime and Abstract. As you can tell from the image below, this is grittier than most of the wallpaper apps you see on this list. Overall, the wallpapers you can get from this app are truly top on my list. The other options this app provides are ringtones, notification sounds, games, icons (which would change those boring icons on your device) and finally, live wallpaper. This is something you need to check out and mess with. The only thing I found that was a little annoying were the ads that pop up every so often while searching, but when you get this much for free, it is worth dealing with an ad.

Now you know the best places to go to find Android wallpaper apps. So don’t just sit there, get out and show off your new, amazing background to your friends. This is just the five that I feel give you the best. Let me know if you have any other wallpaper apps that you think would be good to check out. Just FYI, I have decided to stick with the Harley Quinn wallpaper on my Android. Which one will you choose?

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