Microsoft Expands Copilot’s Integration

Microsoft has recently released Windows 11 build 26058 in the Canary and Dev channels including an expansion of Copilot‘s integrated capabilities.

To date, Copilot‘s interactions with Windows settings have been somewhat limited but this latest build is beginning to show just how serious Microsoft is regarding full integration. Here is the list of Copilot’s new capabilities:

Windows Settings:                                                       Accessibility Features:

*Ask for system, device, or storage information           *Ask to start voice typing
*Ask for available wireless networks                             *Ask to turn on Narrator
*Ask to show startup apps                                            *Ask to change text size
*Ask to clean storage                                                    *Ask to turn on Magnifier
*Ask to empty Recycle Bin                                            *Ask to start Live Captions
*Ask for your IP address                                                *Ask to turn on high-contrast
*Ask to toggle Battery Saver                                         *Ask to open voice access
*Ask for battery information

That’s a total of 15 new capabilities, which more than doubles Copilot‘s list of current capabilities, and they should be rolling out to all Windows 11 users in the not-too-distant future.


As I mentioned earlier, Microsoft is obviously intent on eventually achieving full Copilot integration. While I appreciate and understand that not all users are going to be happy with Copilot’s integration, these types of simple instructions surely represent a huge benefit for the average Joe home users who struggle to locate their preferred options via digging down through settings menus.

I’m not too proud to admit that even I sometimes struggle to remember what option is where and, while I’m not exactly enamored with AI in general, I am all in favor of anything that can potentially make life easier.

What are your thoughts on Copilot and AI? Let us know via the comments.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Expands Copilot’s Integration”

  1. Soon the entire Windows operating system will be entirely AI driven. I think that is Microsoft’s ultimate goal. People are accepting it with wide open arms and honestly, that is a pretty dangerous thing.

    While I agree Jim, I am in favor of anything that makes life a little easier, I think AI will and already is causing the dummieing down of society. When people stop thinking for themselves we will become subjects and we will be done for.

  2. Shobha Mathur

    Scary brave new world.
    Making life easier is the first step toward mental apathy and enslavement.

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