Mega Giveaway: 10 Premium Products FREE

WinXDVD is currently hosting a mega giveaway in conjunction with partner software vendors. The giveaway consists of two rounds: Round 1 ends 5th September with Round 2 running from the 6th through to the 20th September.

Round 1: Ends 5th September

(Please note: this is a 3-month license only)


  • As you can see from the images, there are limited numbers of licenses being given away per day
  • Submitting an email address is mandatory
  • Some licenses might be limited to one year. I’m pretty sure that Sticky Password Premium, for example, would be a one-year license only.

UPDATE: I sent an email message to my contact at WinX and was informed that licensing and other pertinent information will be included in an email sent to the submitted email address.

Round 2: 6th-20th September

NOTE: More details will be available on the giveaway page when Round 2 goes live.

To get your free licenses, visit WinXDVD Giveaway For Windows 11 Update

7 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway: 10 Premium Products FREE”

  1. How are we supposed to submit our email addresses ? Try as hard as I can it will not allow me to insert my email address anywhere ??????? It just brings up another graphic inviting me to submit my email address ?

    1. Hey Reg,

      Just checked again and no problem here inputting email address in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. What browser are you using? Suggest you try disabling any extensions/add-ons.

      Oh, I just realized, you’re not clicking on the images in the article are you? They are just screenshots taken from the website. You need to visit the giveaway page: as per the link included in the last sentence of the article.

      1. Thanks Jim

        Yes I was trying to click the images 🙂 Thanks all good now.


  2. Hi Jim. Have you or any DCT author checked out those programs? Just being curious, Mindblower!

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi MB!

      For my part, the programs being offered here are either of no use to me (because I already have similar software installed), or I have no need for them (I haven’t used optical media in years).

      That is not to say that these programs are bad. On the contrary, they are all good pieces of software if you have a use for them,

      1. Hey MB,

        The only programs included that I have firsthand experience with are the 2 from WinX. Both are top notch. The video converter in particular is, in my opinion, the very best of a large bunch. There are some known quality brand names among the others though.

        If you’re interested in any I would suggest using a disposal email address.

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