Manufacturers Not Providing Win11 Compatible Drivers

I hasten to add, this only applies to older PCs.

Last week I received a somewhat troubling email from Dell announcing that the major PC vendor would only be providing Windows 11 compatible drivers for a selection of newer models. The email included a link whereby users could visit a webpage and check through the list of Dell models that are set to receive Windows 11 compatible driver updates. In Dell’s words:

If your device is not listed, Dell is not testing the device and drivers will not be upgraded for that model ~ source

Check out the list: Dell computers tested for upgrade to Windows 11.

I researched release dates for several of the earliest models in the list and they were only 1- 2 years old, giving the impression that Dell is not interested in providing Windows 11 compatible drivers for any models more than a couple of years old. This, in my opinion, is an alarming revelation. Many newer PCs are already unable to upgrade to Windows 11 due to the harsh requirements and, if manufacturers are not going to support updated drivers for relatively new PCs as well, those numbers are sure to increase.

Of course, this only affects Dell PCs at the moment but I would not be at all surprised if many other major brands followed suit. It’s been theorized many times over that Microsoft’s harsh requirements for Windows 11 are specifically designed to help boost new PC sales and Dell’s announcement certainly appears to add fuel to that particular fire. When trying to make sense of it all, it seems the only logical conclusion.

Now we wait and see whether or not other manufacturers follow in Dell’s footsteps. I’ve got a lazy $100 says it is more likely than not. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Manufacturers Not Providing Win11 Compatible Drivers”

  1. Thanks for the article Jim.
    Yes I bought a higher end Win 8 HP Laptop a few years ago and when I upgraded to Win 10 a “relatively” short time later everything worked OK except WiFi.
    Turned out that there was no Win 10 support for the particular Wifi chip in my machine and despite many forum complaints from users HP refused to make a driver available for it. So now I have to use it with a small Wifi dongle and the resale value would have been reduced at the time.
    Guess who has never bought anything HP anything since and never will. Looks like I might have to add Dell to that list but on second thoughts I doubt I’d buy anything Dell anyway if a video review of a desktop from a very reputable reviewer that I saw online was indicative of their QA control.

    1. You are most welcome Reg. Yes, drivers are a pain in the butt. You can have a very nice and perfectly healthy piece of hardware rendered useless simply because of lack of driver support. I think it’s known as “planned obsolescence”. 🙂

      1. Just one reason I won’t buy a PC that does not have replaceable components. My main everyday PC is a Dell Precision M6700 Mobile Workstation from 2013. It runs great and over time I have replaced the CPU with the fastest available for that generation, maxed out the RAM, added dual SSDs, replaced the Quadro GPU with a GeForce GTX 980M and replaced the Wifi card with an Intel 802.11ax card. The nice thing about Windows 10, it will run most drivers from 8 and 8.1 and even some Windows 7 driver work just fine. And, some applications from XP days still run OK. I simply don’t see most non-corporate users going out and buying new PCs simply to run Windows 11.

  2. Not just the drivers but updating thier software to run on Windows 11 too. A classic example is the Stardock Object Dock suite, out of thirteen apps only two have been partially updated to run on Windows 11.
    Now thats just one company, there are many more programs and apps that dont work well with the new operating system, yes I know they are proberly working hard at updating their software but it seems to be that MS is not helping them along at all.
    I have reverted back to Windows 10 based solely on the customisation software incompatabilities. My biggest bugbear is the system clock, I need binoculars to see it because no software works with Windows 11.

    1. Good point Alan. I guess Microsoft’s sudden and somewhat belated announcement re Windows 11 would have taken software developers by surprise too.

  3. The thought of switching to a Mac is rolling through my head. My kids have always been Apple people, maybe it’s time for me to join them.

  4. Elliott W. Carmack

    I’ve already deleted Windows 10 and installed Linux Mint on my oldest Dell desktop PC. I might do the same on my newer PCs as time goes by and Windows 10 support ends.

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