Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad Max: Fury Road

  • Director: George Miller
  • Writers: George Miller, Brendan McCarthy.
  • Stars: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult
  • Release Date: 15 May 2015 (USA)
  • Also Known As: Mad Max 4
  • IMDb:

I had the opportunity to watch the new Mad Max movie recently and thought I’d share my thoughts with you (this is actually more of an opinion than a review). First off, I must say that while none of the first 3 Mad Max movies, staring the then young and sober Mel Gibson, would ever make it into my list of top 20 movies, I watched them all and enjoyed them all. As for Mad Max: Fury Road – not so much.

No spoilers here, in fact it would be nigh impossible to spoil the storyline because, quite frankly, there isn’t one to speak of. What we have is a bevvy of gorgeous gals plus Mad Max being chased by hordes of rampaging mutants, and that is pretty much all there is to it.

This then is the biggest problem I have with Mad Max: Fury Road, that it is devoid of any storyline and more or less consists of a 2-hour chase scene. Now, I enjoy a good chase scene as much as the next man but they need to be strung together by a strong, interesting storyline – this is definitely not the case with Fury Road. Sure, we know who is running and why, and we know who is chasing and why, but there are no surprises, no twists, no mystery, and no intrigue.

I also thought much of the acting in support roles was below par, and Tom Hardy is certainly no Mel Gibson – he displays about as much personality as a telegraph pole. Of course, if the director specifically called for the role of Mad Max Rockatansky to be played as laid back and emotionless as humanly possible, then it could be argued that Mr. Hardy nailed it. Plus, the modern trend of our hero mumbling in a dull monotone is strictly adhered to here, a trend that I, quite frankly, find rather annoying. The one redeeming factor in the acting department is the delicious Charlize Theron, a true professional whose talents shine through like an oasis among the desert sands (waxing a tad lyrical there – sorry).

As expected, Fury Road includes loads of off-the-wall macho vehicles, quirky characters, and imaginative weaponry but, for me anyway, that does little to save the movie. I might add, I happened to watch Fury Road with three other people who were all similarly underwhelmed. Of course, opinions about movies and TV shows are purely subjective and your mileage may vary. After all, Mad Max: Fury Road is currently rating 8.5 on the IMDb viewer scale, so somebody out there sure liked it.

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Have you seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet and if so, what did you think of it? Please let us know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road Review”

  1. An accurate review Jim. However I do think that Tom Hardy did a brilliant job at projecting nothing in the way of personality.
    As for the story line, it started so well with all the imagery of a decadent totalitarian world but simply missed opportunity after opportunity to do something interesting. Pity

  2. The first Mad Max movie is one of my faves. Love the motor cycles.
    Great ending.
    Liked the sequels as well.
    I haven’ t seen this movie yet but from the trailer I am sure I will like it.
    As long as there is action and women really what else do I need?

  3. Preferred the old Max movies. The only redeeming element in the new Max is Theron. They should have called this movie: Maxine.

  4. I felt very much the same about the film as you wrote in your review. Actually, as soon as the film finished, I said to my friend kind of loud “well that was shit” Other people laughed so I assume some may have thought the same.
    My friend also pointed out how bad the acting was too…..really a disappointing effort for a mad max film

  5. You can’t help but compare originals with remakes and in that respect, the Mad Max remake is a fail on all counts. And man, was Tom Hardy just dullsville as Max too.

    I just watched the remake of Total Recall last night and thought the exact same thing. Movie makers seem to think all moviegoers want these days is action 24/7. The only remake I’ve seen in a while that compared nicely with its original was True Grit and maybe Planet of the Apes (2nd and 3rd gen.) I’m not even going to bother with Jurassic World.

    What this world needs is a whole lot less cgi and a lot more plot and characterization.

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