Logitech K310 washable keyboard: it loves a good scrub!

Don’t know about you but when it comes to the keyboard – actually, my computer desk in general now I think about it – I am a real grub. I don’t mean to be, in fact it’s entirely out of character compared to everything else I do – in most cases I am actually a bit of a neatness freak. I guess part of the reason is because I spend so much time at the computer – I eat, drink and, as ‘she who must be obeyed’ will no doubt attest, live in front of the computer. I am a smoker too, and that certainly doesn’t help.

So, I was suitably excited to read about the release of a new inexpensive washable keyboard from the prolific Logitech company. The Logitech K310 goes way beyond splash resistance, it can actually be fully immersed in up to 30 centimeters of water…  for the imperialized, that’s a tick under 12 inches. It even comes equipped with strategically placed drainage holes to help with the drying process. Unsurprisingly, Logitech appends the information with a common sense warning that the USB connecter should be kept clear of the water… oh, and don’t use a hair dryer to try and speed along drying either. Here is a list of ‘Washable specs’ direct from Logitech:

Washable specs:

  • Hand washable: No dishwasher*
  • Max. 30cm of water (24 hours at 25 degree C or 36 wash cycles of 5 minutes @ 50 degree C)
  • Use soft sponge or brush (not abrasive material)
  • Use standard dishwasher soap (no alcohol disinfectant)
  • Dry naturally

No dishwasher!! LOL

Logitech is actually a little behind other manufacturers in this field, with the likes of HP and Kensington already marketing washable keyboards – but these are generally basic, dull black units with little aesthetic appeal. The new Logitech K310, on the other hand, is quite attractive with an appearance more attuned to conventional consumer-orientated keyboards.

While he Logitech K310 is designed toward toughness and durability, it’s technically quite adept too. It comes with a dozen pre-defined hot-key operations, switches are rated at five million cycles, and keys are laser cut and AV coated to prevent fading.

I don’t think the K310 is available in Oz just yet but at the advertized price of just $40.00us, it’s definitely top of my Daddy’s Day list (are you listening kids??).

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