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I’ve been a user of the LastPass password manager for a while now and I’ve been reading online that they are changing their services for the users of the Free Version of their program:

Changes to LastPass Free

Before, you had to set up an account and then sign into that account on any computer or phone on your network. Now apparently, they are going to separate that. Starting March 16, you will be forced to use your account either over your computers or your mobile devices. So, if you choose computers over mobile devices, you cannot access your account over mobile, and vice versa– if you set up your account for mobile devices, you cannot access your account on your computers.

I guess there isn’t anything stopping you from creating two different accounts. You might need two different email addresses to make that work. In my case, with all computers and still landline-locked, it won’t be an issue for me.

Also, the free users lose email customer support. You can probably still get some support by going to their LastPass Forum.

Are you a user of LastPass? Do you recommend a different password manager? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Simon Witter

    I’ve been using Last Pass free for a year or so now and like it. My plan going forward is to pay for it. I don’t know why everyone thinks they should benefit from other people’s hard work without paying for it. That’s internet culture. Everyone thinks everything should be free, but they wouldn’t do their own job for no pay.

    1. Terry Hollett

      To be fair, these companies come to us, dangling their products in front of us like a carrot on a string. And some of us bite. 🙂 Also, if I’m remembering correctly, the Internet was supposed to be about free software until Bill Gates ruined it by making people pay for the earliest versions of Windows. Besides, with all the data that these companies syphon from us, it’s not exactly free. We are paying for it but not with money.

    2. I don’t think everything should be free and do not mind paying for good software but what really annoys me ….
      1.) If you are going to charge a subscription to software , then update it and make it worth my while to keep that subscription.
      2.) If your software is “freemium” ask me to buy it once after I install it then let me decide for myself , keep throwing nags and ads at me and I am just going to uninstall it, trash it and move on, I don’t care how good it may be.
      3.) If you offer a lifetime license it should be just that, LIFETIME , meaning for the duration and life of the software with updates, not version specific, if that is not what is intended then it needs to be specified clearly. There is NOTHING more frustrating then purchasing a lifetime license of a software that has a version number 1.99 for example and the next major revision is 2.00 and is released a week after you buy it and you find out you cannot update it without paying again, even if it is at a reduced price, to me , it’s a pretty cheesy way to do business.

      But honestly some of the best software I have ever used is open source and sorry to say and are free and haven’t found anything paid that can beat it.

  2. i think LastPass is an excellent program. I have used the paid version for several years. I am surprised they have a free version without totally bombarding you with ads. If you find a program useful you should support the developer. You can no longer log into a hundred sites using short, easy to remember passwords. You’ll get burned and wish you had used a password manager regardless of the cost. Bitwarden is good, as is Keepass, Dashlane and others. I just prefer LastPass and don’t mind supporting the developers.

  3. I used LastPast free for a long time. Then paid $12 for it. Then I think it increased to $24 and now it is $36. That’s a big increase in price in just a couple of years or so. I’m debating whether to buy it or use something else.

  4. I have used Bitwarden for a year or two. It works fine and its use is less restrictive.

    1. On of the best password managers hands down and they don’t rip the wallet out of your pants paying for it.
      The Bitwarden free version is probably enough for most users but for $10 a year , just the two factor authentication options alone are enough to make it worth it.
      This password manager is fast becoming a rival to any other password manager out there, IMO , I don’t think there is another password manager that beats it.

  5. James Douglass

    I have used Msecure for 8~9 years. Mobile version was free & a one $29.00 fee for a desktop version.. I have it on my mobile & 3 desktops..
    Though I admit even seated at my PC I automatically whip out my mobile to check on or add a new password.
    James Douglass
    Garden City, Kansas

  6. I have been using Roboform for some time and like it because if I need a password for an account that I am accessing on AOL I can find my password by opening Roboform and click edit on the account. The problem is I have to have a password to access the Roboform account (not the password keeper) and I never us it until in change computers and have to move everything. I can never remember that password and have to start all over with a new account.

  7. I received my notification but I don’t intend to change. I’m still very much a computer person although I actually have a smartphone now. I started my LastPass account in 2014 on a computer, and anything important I do in life, I’d never dream of doing on a phone. I install the browser extension every time I add a new browser or set up a new computer, and I log in to LastPass through the web on the rare occasion that I need it on a strange computer.

    Regarding changes to Customer Support, I don’t remember actually needing support in the almost 7 years I’ve been using it, so that’s likely a non-issue for me.

  8. I have used Roboform for many years and wish they still had a paid version. I won’t subscribe but I am now using the “free” version. I don’t need to sync with devices and keep everything stored locally. I did install Lastpass free on my smartphone and that will be the only place I use it so the change really does not affect me.

    1. That seems strange Brad. My colleague at the office uses a paid version of RoboForm. I spoke to him since this LastPass message came out, as I was wondering if to pay LastPass, or shift and pay RoboForm. Still think I’ll manage fine without going Premium. Sticking with LastPass free.

      1. I will continue to use the free version of Roboform for my desktop, it works well although you do get the occasional nagging about it being expired.
        I have never used Lastpass on my desktop, only my phone and it seems to work well enough for me. I prefer to use standalone software as much as possible and not subscribe.

  9. Charles Hadden

    I just sent LastPass a note and it was only one sentence in it discussing this problem. They have such a poor customer service program and only toss you ‘Boilerplate’ answers. they don’t even read what you ask them or they can’t understand simple words. LastPass is now nothing more than a glorified database with great security. And it seldom does what it is advertised to do. I would be willing to explain but will not waste your time here and now.

  10. So they change their structure to where you can only use the free version on a pc or mobile phone, one or the other but not both. Not that are aren’t ways around this conniving practice but ….. why? why do people buy into this kind of stuff?
    One can only see that they are trying to squeeze and corner their free user base into buying a subscription by making it harder for them to use the free service.
    But what gets me more is people put blinders on to this kind of practice and still buy into this software when in all reality what should happen is it should be driven broke.
    This is the “cancel” culture …. right? then we should start canceling things that REALLY need canceling and big tech and software greed is one of them.
    Purchasing software or a service is one thing but when you start manipulating your user base to make even more money is just plain greed.
    You can agree or disagree but I learned a long time ago that if you don’t know the reason for something , the answer usually boils down to money and there are those that will do anything they have to to get as much as they can of it.
    I’ve used it, it’s ok, not $36 a year ok , but ok. There are others out there are compare and are even better for a lot less money a year, LastPass is nothing special.

    1. My 2 cents worth. I have no problem with software developers monetizing their efforts. However, if the free version of LastPass was going to be limited in this manner, it should have been that way from the very beginning. What LastPass has done is waited until they have built a substantial LastPass Free userbase and then moved the goal posts. Which, in my opinion, is somewhat underhanded.

  11. Richard Pedersen

    It is always controversial when something is given, then taken away. Bad reactions are inevitable.

  12. Controversial?

    There is nothing controversial about all the security incidents they have had
    That alone would make me steer clear of it.

    At it’s inception and startup it was a good idea, the minute it was bought out by a private equity firm the greed took over. Private equity firms are not in the business of keeping your data safe, they are in the business to taking your money, nothing more, nothing less.

    1. Please note that LastPass addressed the security issues.
      Issues aren’t a reason to avoid a product. Not addressing the issues in a timely manner would be.

      1. “Issues aren’t a reason to avoid a product. Not addressing the issues in a timely manner would be.”

        Umm, yes they are, timely or not, especially the amount and severity that they have had. When Microsoft has security issues with their updates do we rush right out and download them?

        In the five security issues they have had , 4 of the 5 are issues where the app gave up user credentials , usernames , passwords and email addresses and more. So, how timely does it have to be before we get annoyed that these types of security issues don’t get fixed?

        1. AMEN Ed. that and they took up the same Customer Service format as most other online companies. NONE! I asked a couple of questions about this directly to LastPass and they send out their boilerplate, caned answer of, “We want to help you and be assured we are here for you.” and not another word of help. 5 times in a row. Nothing infuriates me more. What M$ Edge provides is FAR better and it works. I just wish they were more secure. I will be bringing up that issue with M$ in one of our upcoming meetings.

  13. Paid for Last Pass Premium account in April by credit card
    It appears that once they had my payment, service ended. Logins were blocked almost immediately on desktop computer. Mobile Logins OK
    Requesting SMS login key did not work.
    Repeated emailed requests for support have been ignored by Lastpass.
    It seems they are treating me as a free customer – even though I have paid for the Premium facility.
    Have now registered a credit card dispute with my Bank as they are failing to deliver the goods and services paid for.
    Avoid like the plague!

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