iOS 10 – How to Get Rid of ‘Press home to unlock’

iOS 10 vs iOS 9

While there is much to like about iOS 10, the most annoying feature for me has been the ‘Press home to unlock’ feature.

Back in the good old days (iOS 9), you just rested your finger over the Home button. This would unlock your device and seamlessly take you past the Passcode screen if you had Touch ID enabled. With iOS 10, you have to press the Home button and then use Touch ID or use your Passcode to get to the Home screen. Pretty annoying. Also, I can be impatient at times and will press the Home button twice which renders Apple Pay. Again, pretty annoying. So I found a way to get back to the classic iOS 9 way to unlock my iPhone 6.

STEP 1: Open the Settings app

STEP 2: Tap ‘General’

STEP 3: Tap ‘Accessibility’

STEP 4: Scroll down to ‘Home Button’ and tap on it

STEP 5: Next to ‘Rest Finger to Open’, swipe to the right to enable this feature

So, all in all, it’s pretty easy to do away with the annoying ‘Press home to unlock’ requirement.  Although, unfortunately, this doesn’t do away with the ‘Press home to unlock’ message on the screen.

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