Insert Special Characters in your Documents Easily

In academia and the legal arena, there is a frequent need for special characters in documents. The two most frequently used special characters which are used in these particular areas are the Pilcrow (paragraph symbol) and the section symbol.

The pilcrow looks like a backwards letter P and the section resembles intertwining S’s. Sound complicated?  It is not at all!

Follow the steps below to learn how to insert these special characters quickly and easily:

  1. Click the Insert tab of your Ribbon.
  2. Click the Symbol tool | More symbols to display the dialog box.
  3. Click on the Special Characters tab.
  4. Selection Section or Paragraph from the list of characters shown.
  5. Click on Insert and the symbol will now appear in your document.
  6. Click Close.

Now, as you all know, I am the queen of saving time and keystrokes. so here is the quick way to accomplish this task:

  • For a Paragraph symbol – click on Alt + 20
  • For a Section symbol  – click on Alt + 21

Doesn’t get much easier than that does it?

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