Imation Duplicator Not Duplicating

My Uncle has an Imation 1×1 Duplicator, a CD/DVD copier. And it’s been acting up lately, in other words, not making copies. It had one job. He brought it over to see if I can fix it. So I fooled around with the settings and tried to find information online, but nothing.

It seemed to be scanning the disc to be copied OK but conked out on the burning procedure with an error code of NG:01. I eventually came to the conclusion that the DVD burner part, the bottom burner drive was not working. Luckily, I had a spare.

So, could I replace it? I decided to take the back off and see. This thing is built just like a mini tower computer. The drives in it are IDE so I just had to remove the IDE cable and the power plug. Remove the two screws on either side of the mounting case. Push the drive out from the front and put the other drive I had back in.

I changed the jumper on this drive to slave but I noticed on the original drive it was set to master. It was easier than I thought. The only question now is if the built-in software would accept the new drive. And it did.

Basic Copying Instructions

With this model, you might want to turn off Auto Verify first, especially if you are making more than one copy at a time.

Turn Off Auto Verify

First, you might want to turn off Auto Verify. Otherwise, when finished the disc tray will open and close again and it will start checking the disc to make sure it copied properly. But it almost doubles the time taken to complete the disc copy. If you forget to turn off verification just turn the device off, wait a few seconds and turn it on again. No damage done.

When you first turn it on it should be on 11. Setup or use the up/down arrows to move to 11. Setup.

press Enter button
press up/down arrows to get to 11-07. Setup Auto Verify

Press Enter and it will say:

Auto Verify

Press up/down key so it says:

Auto Verify

Then press Enter, then Escape and Escape again. This should take you back to 11. Setup

To Copy

With this model, I put the CD/DVD to be copied in the top drive and the blank disc in the bottom drive.

Press the down arrow to 1. copy. You’ll see a three-second timer and when it counts down it will start copying automatically if everything is good to go. Otherwise, press the Enter button.

It scans the CD/DVD in the first drive (Prescan). If all is OK, it will give a Prescan OK message. Then it will check the target drive and it will start copying. If you have Verify enabled, it will open the drive after burning, close it again and verify it. Otherwise, it will just remain open if Verify is disabled.

So, this is for my Uncle’s copier. Have you ever used one? Let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Imation Duplicator Not Duplicating”

  1. Nice to know Terry. Never knew such an animal existed. For those looking for a hassle way of coping, nice to know this hardware exists, Mindblower!

  2. My 1 to 1 DVD/cd copier looks just like yours and came unbranded but with an instruction book published by Acard Technology7 dated Aug 2007.
    Have had lots of success with it over the years. Every now & then it rejects either an original on the upper drive or the copy on the lower drive — usually a bum disk. From time to time I need to rerun the setup when it acts up and switches to a slow copy mode, but otherwise has been quite reliable.

    Alan Taplow
    Plainfield VT 05667

  3. Robert Taylor

    I had one with the exact controller card. I bought the card and a mini tower and of course two drives to do the burning separately and built it myself, not like it was difficult or anything. I used this setup for years with no issues. Eventually I gave it away as I had no need for it anymore.

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