I Know I Put That Name Someplace!

Folks define names in their Excel worksheets all the time and they can sometimes end up with so many names that they have difficulty remembering them or finding them! Of course, you can can jump to a named range by clicking on F5 to open the dialog box.

There is, however, a little trick that will allow you to see all your named ranges at one time rather than going to each on individually. Not a lot of folks know about this but I’m going to share it with you!

Follow the steps below:

All you really have to do is change the Zoom factor for your workbook to 39% and you will then see the named ranges on screen as blocked area.

Make note, that this will only work for you when your Zoom factor is 39% or less. At 40% or greater, the named ranges are not marked and single cell ranges are not shown at all.

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