HP Printer Blinking Power Light Fixed

I was having problems fixing my HP Deskjet D1341 – the power light was blinking and the printer was unusable.

I didn’t find a fix at that time but I did find a way to keep using the printer but not to full capacity. My printer wouldn’t work with the black ink cartridge in. Remove the black and keep using the colour.

One of the things that I try when troubleshooting printers is to unplug the power and then plug it back in. From experience, it does work most of the time. Online research seems to indicate that this is a good way to clear out printer issues but how long to wait before plugging the printer back in seems to be up for debate.

10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, all have been suggested. I decided to try it a little bit longer… a few hours. I unplugged the printer power cord and the USB cord and was going to let it set overnight.

A few hours after I unplugged it before going to bed I decided to plug in the power cord and see if it made any difference. If not, I would unplug it and wait overnight before trying again. I plugged in the power cord and turned it on. It made a sound like it was printing something but it didn’t pull any paper through. Then it stopped. The power light was not blinking.

I left the power cord in and turned it off. I wasn’t going to test this thing until the next day. So this morning I plugged in the USB cord and turned it on. The power light remained solid, not blinking. So I decided to try to print a few things. Everything printed without a hitch.

So, if you try the power cord method, unplug all cords and give it an hour or two. Overnight if possible. This is what worked for me.

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