How To Update Apple Watch Now That watchOS 2 is (Finally) Here?

Apple released its first major update to its watch OS on September 21st, watchOS 2. This is five days later than its original launch date but was delayed due to bug fixing taking longer than expected. While five days isn’t a long time, it seemed that way waiting for the much-hyped update.

The update has several new features such as new watch faces and new capabilities in Mail, Friends and Digital Touch. In this release, third-party apps have the ability to run natively, meaning that the app doesn’t just mirror your iPhone. Third-party app complications are supported as well. A complication is a small element that appears on the watch face to provide quick access to frequently used data.

Updating your Apple Watch is pretty easy:

STEP 1:  Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

STEP 2:  Tap ‘My Watch’ –> ‘General’ –> ‘Software Update’.

STEP 3:  Tap ‘Download and Install’. You will need to enter your passcode (if you use one) and accept the Terms and Conditions.

STEP 4:  After STEP 3 has completed, set your Apple Watch on its charger. Your watch must be at least half charged in order to install the update. Your iPhone must be within range via Wi-Fi.

STEP 5:  The update will now be installed on your Apple Watch. You will see the progress of the installation as a circle on your Apple Watch. If your watch face appears or your watch is locked, it is complete.

Like I said, all in all, pretty easy.  Now to see if the update lives up to the hype.


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