How to Tell Alexa Where Home Is

Alexa – Change Home Address

I recently wrote about having to change my home address on my iPhone. Yesterday, I asked my Amazon Echo, whose voice control system is named Alexa, for the weather forecast. Lo and behold, Alexa gave me the weather for our prior home. I had to let Alexa know that we moved. Like changing my home address on my iPhone, this was pretty easy.

STEP 1:  Open the Alexa app on your mobile device

STEP 2:  Tap the menu icon in the top left corner

STEP 3:  Tap Settings

STEP 4:  Tap your device

STEP 5:  Update ‘Device location’ with your new address by tapping Edit

STEP 6:  Enter your new address and then tap ‘Save Changes’


STEP 7:  Exit the Alexa app

If you have an Echo and Echo Dot, like I do, you will need to update your address for each device separately.

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