How To Take Snapshot Of A PDF With Foxit

I recently watched a video on Dave’s Computer Tips Youtube channel called, How To Take Snapshot Of A PDF.

This video deals with using Adobe Acrobat, but I’m not a fan. I do like Foxit and I got curious and started clicking around to see if Foxit had a similar feature and it does.

To do this in Foxit PDF Reader, open up a PDF file, and across the top menu click on Home, then Snapshot.

Then when you move your cursor over the document, it shows as a cross or plus sign. Click, hold down and drag to highlight the section of the document that you want a snapshot of. In my example, I’m using a recipe file that I recently had to print up for someone.

I’m going to highlight the ingredients list.

So I drag my selection square over the list and when I’m finished, I release the mouse and it shows me the highlighted in a purple tint (at least on my monitor). Once I release the mouse I get a pop-up message telling me The selected area has been copied to the clipboard.

Click OK or check Do not show this message again, first, then OK. Your choice.

Now if I wanted to print up that list, I would go to PhotoFiltre, right-click inside the empty window and click on Paste as new image. Now I have my snapshot from Foxit as an image in Photofiltre and all I have to do now is save it, print it, or whatever.

Get PhotoFiltre 7 here

I also have SumatraPDF on my system. It’s a stripped-down PDF reader designed to be lightweight with limited features and it does not have this snapshot option.

Get Sumatra Reader here

So, what’s your PDF reader? And does it have a Snapshot feature? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “How To Take Snapshot Of A PDF With Foxit”

  1. In Windows 10, as “Screen Snip” can perform this action in every application, this is what I use. Screen Snip is one of the editable “Quick Actions” found in the Notification Area (icon in the bottom-right of the screen).

  2. The Snipping Tool is probably my favorite utility and the options it offers are wonderful. I use it all the time for screenshots when reporting problems to a vendor Tech Support.
    So I’m puzzled by what extra benefit Foxit provides.

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