How To Take Panoramic Pics With Android

A “Panoramic” picture is a picture with a broader or wider view of your subject. You can take one with your Android phone but settings may vary depending on your version.

Click on the camera icon on your phone. If it’s not upfront go into your settings first. Swipe up from the bottom.

Down near the button that snaps the photo, you’ll see a series of options and it’s probably set to “Photo” but this is a scroll bar, and by swiping left or right to can change these options. In my case, I have HDR, Night, Panorama, Pro, Photo, Video, and Continuous Shot

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): combines multiple exposures for higher-quality photos
  • Night: Gives you better shots at night
  • Panorama: Very wide pictures
  • Pro: If you know what you’re doing when changing the camera settings, like ISO, this is for you. Not for me
  • Photo and Video: kind of self-explanatory
  • Continuous shot: In this mode, holding down on the snap button continuously takes photos until you release the button

So switch the setting to Panorama, and point the camera at your subject. Click on the snap button. Slowly pan from left to right or from right to left depending on your photo.

You’ll notice little thumbnails filling up the blocks on the screen.

Click the snap button again when finished. The picture is now in your gallery.

This is where it will come in handy to have a tripod or steady hands, I have neither. Having a better scene would help too. Outdoors we have cold, ice, snow, and windchill No, thank you. Not even an outdoors person in the summer.

Anyway here’s my best attempt so far. Started with my monitors on my desk. Then to my TV on the side. That scene is from the “Carol Burnette Show“. And then to my shelf, notice my half-clock ghost. I’m showing you a scaled-down version here but the original size is 5024×560 pixels the print size would be approximately 85cm long or 33 inches.

Basically, that’s how you do it. Hope your pictures are better than mine.

For more pictures tips and info read here.

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