How To Take Handwritten Notes In OneNote 365

I received more than one question regarding an earlier post (How To Convert Handwriting to Text in OneNote 365) and so in an effort to clear up any more confusion, please refer to the post below.

If your computer has a touch screen, you can use OneNote to handwrite your notes rather than keying them in. This can be very useful to you if you find you write more quickly than you can key in your text. This is also much easier when you are in a meeting or in an interview, where the sound of keys on a keyboard may be inappropriate. It is also a great way to annotate notes and screenshots or add illustrations to OneNote.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. On your Ribbon, select Draw.
  2. In the Tools group, select a pen or highlighter, and then write your notes on your screen.
  3. To stop drawing, simply click the Type button on the Draw tab.

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