3 thoughts on “How To Set Up Windows 11 With Local Account”

  1. Nice tips (tricks) Terry. You did not mention anything about using a pin when you reboot, of if and when prompted, you need to use the password you entered. Have you done any more testing to see if these items occur? Just curious, Mindblower!

    1. Terry Hollett

      I currently don’t have any pin or password setup. I’m going to put this laptop on my home network so I’ll eventually be putting one on it. I’ll let you know how things turn out in the long run.

  2. Another way to do this that requires less effort is to make your bootable W11 installation usb drive with Rufus 3.21. Download Rufus and the W11 .iso, then use Rufus to create the bootable drive. It will recognize the Windows .iso and give you options to skip the TPM and cpu requirements and will give you the option to make a local account. Let Rufus do it’s thing and use that usb drive to install W11 on any computer you want. I’ve used this on a number of computers without any issue. No questions asked about a MS account.
    I hope this helps someone.

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