How To Set LibreOffice To Use MS Office Formats

LibreOffice is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. It is free and easy to use but it does take a little adjustment to get used to it, as does any new piece of software we install. The one drawback for a Microsoft Office user is that it uses OpenOffice formats. That is a document that is saved as an ODT instead of the DOCX format. You can change the format when saving by choosing SaveAs, pull-down the list of format options, and choose DOCX every time you save a file.

There is a better way– open LibreOffice.

Select Tools > Options

In the left panel, select Load/Save > General


Pull-down the Document type and select Text document

Scroll down and select the Word format

Click Apply


Select Excel for the Spreadsheet Document type and click Apply


Select PowerPoint for the Presentation Document type and click Apply

Click OK

The next time you create a document, it will save in the DOCX format without you having to SaveAs and change it.

Another good tool for your toolbox. I hope it helps.

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2 thoughts on “How To Set LibreOffice To Use MS Office Formats”

  1. Thanks for the tip Dick. I opted for OpenOffice years ago. Not sure why, having also tried LibreOffice. Do much less work with Documents and Spreadsheets these days. Would like to find an easy way to convert dbf files, Mindblower!

    1. Opps! It is not the dbf file, rather the templates and forms
      that I would like to convert, if possible. Yes, those are DOS files, Mindblower!

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