How To Revert To Facebook’s Classic Look, Permanently

Facebook is rolling out a new look. You can switch back temporarily but eventually, you are going to lose that option. There is a more permanent option and that is by using an extension. This extension basically looks and works the same in all browsers.

Revert Sitehttps://revertsite.com

Just click on the link according to your browser. The links for the extension are:

For Chrome-based browsers:


For Firefox-based browsers:


For Microsoft Edge:


Opera: Apparently there is a bug in Opera and I can confirm that it does not work in Opera.

How To In Firefox

This is how it works in Firefox. Go to the Firefox link above and click on the blue Add to Firefox button.

When you get the message box, click on Add.

When you get the next message box, click on Okay, Got It. If you use Private Windows you can also check that box.

Now, in the top right-hand corner of your browser, you should see the extension icon. A red R inside a blue circle.

So I signed into Facebook with the new layout enabled but what I got was the classic view and if I go into the settings menu there is no option to switch to any other mode.

If you want to switch back to the new look, just uncheck Switch back to the old Facebook design? and refresh the page (use the F5 key or the refresh button in the browser).

The only downside right now seems to be that it might not be possible to make or receive video calls with this extension turned on. So you’ll have to use the new look when making calls and revert when done.

Or just learn to live with the changes on Facebook. The only real change that I can see, not counting the fonts and colours, is across the top. The normal white words on the blue bar have now been replaced with icons. With a few new ones added. Otherwise, everything else seems to be in its place.

I’m just going to stick with the new look. What do you think about the new look? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


9 thoughts on “How To Revert To Facebook’s Classic Look, Permanently”

  1. This is a neat trick, but eventually FB will just abandon those people with “old” browsers. I have decided it is better to learn the “new” FB if one is going to seriously use it.
    When FB finally decides enough is enough, those who installed the app will forget what they have done. Friends and family will call on me to fix it. I cannot recommend this app. It will only come back to bite me in the future.

    1. Terry Hollett

      Well, this is an extension and it should keep working as long as it’s being developed. And as I pointed out I really don’t see much difference except the words at the top menu have been replaced with icons. And a bolder look and feel. I’ve already switched to the new, been now for a few weeks.

      1. One difference that I found, is that I can’t copy and paste videos any more. Before I could right click and a box would pop up with an option to “copy video url”. That box no longer appears. I’m very unhappy about it.

        1. Terry Hollett

          Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner, just above the video and click on Copy Link.

      2. Most of the time “copy link” is not one of the options. Also, I can’t download facebook videos to my computer any more… arghhh

  2. 11/13/2020
    Revert on Firefox prevents a logon. Keeps flashing “Redirecting”.

  3. MrDouglasWiggyWiggins

    I Would Like The Classic Facebook Look On My Facebook Now Please It Is Much Easy To Use Then The New Look Facebook

    1. Terry Hollett

      Unfortunately, most of these extensions don’t work anymore. There is one that in my case put a blue bar across the top much like Facebook use to be but that’s it. If you want to try it yourself.

      link here: https://tinyurl.com/2cja79ra

      This link takes you to the Chrome Web Store and it’s called Themes & old version (layout) for Facebook

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