How To Remove Network Shares With Registry Editor

I deleted a shared resource but it still shows up in my Network settings. I had a hard drive that I removed from one of my computers that was labeled Drive E. The drive is gone but the E drive still displays in the network settings.

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When I tried to remove the “E share”, it claimed it couldn’t find the resource. That’s why I was trying to remove it. Sometimes you have to remove these through the Registry. To remove these shares using the Registry, do the following. In search type: Registry Editor

Click on it when it shows in the menu. Accept any security prompts.

Standard Registry Editing Warning: The following instructions will ask you to edit your Windows Registry. Be sure to make a backup of your Registry before you make any changes. Making mistakes in the Registry can cause hard-to-diagnose problems, or even keep Windows from functioning properly. If you don’t know how to back up your Registry, please read Windows Quick Tips – Backup/Restore Registry.

Navigate to the following key:


You will find a complete list of shared resources. Right-click on the one you want to be removed and click on Delete. No restart is required. If it doesn’t apply right away, then restart your system.

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