How To: Post a question/seek advice via the DCT forum

You may have noticed that we now have the DCT forum integrated into the blog site. This is a great service and a real boon for all our subscribers. If you have a question or are requiring help/advice for any computer/software/hardware related issues, the forum is the place to go. DCT’s experts are continually monitoring the forum and always ready to assist.

Or maybe just to drop in and say ‘hi’, or to chat with fellow subscribers and DCT team members – the forum is here for you.

Here’s how: Access the Forum by simply clicking on the “Forum” link in the main menu across the top of this page:

If you are not already registered on the forum: click on the Register button (top right) and then enter a Username and Email Address. Complete the simple two part captcha process and click on the blue Register button.

You will receive an email including your chosen Username and a password which you can now use to log-in to the forum.

Once logged in, go to the index page (if not there already – you can always return to the main index page from any page on the forum by clicking on the “Forum” link situated immediately under the Search box):

On the main index page, look for the category which best suits your question/comment and then open that particular category by clicking on the heading:

You will now see a list of existing ‘Topics’ with a “New Topic” button immediately above on the right hand side – click on that button:

You are now on the editor page where you can type in your question/message. Type a suitable title into the “Topic name” bar and your question/message into the main message box. When you are satisfied, simply click on the “Post New Topic” button (under the main message box).

Now you will be taken to the page displaying your new topic, if you wish to automatically receive email notifications whenever new replies are posted to your topic simply click on the Subscribe button at the bottom left of the page:

It really is a very simple process, please feel free to utilize the services the forum has to offer, and take advantage of the combined knowledge of our team of experts.

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