How To Open Window SysMenu With Hotkey

A guy called me because his Facebook didn’t seem to display properly. He couldn’t see who was online in the chat. He’s still on the old version of Facebook where the green dots are separated and to the right of the contact picture. In the new version, the green dots are embedded in the contact picture.

I first thought he might have just zoomed in on the page too far so I tried to talk him through to zoom out with no luck. Then I realized he wasn’t zoomed in when he couldn’t find the three-dots settings button for Chrome or even the Maximize and X for closing a program. His browser just got moved a bit to the right, off-screen. I told him several things to try, but he said nothing worked. I was more convinced he didn’t understand what I was telling him.

I was sure Maximizing his screen would solve the problem, so I told him to hold down the Alt key and then press on the Spacebar (Alt + Spacebar). Then I asked if anything happened. He said something appeared in the left-hand corner of the browser.

He started reading out the items in the drop-down menu. So I told him to click on the Maximize option. Problem solved.

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