How To Open A CSV File Properly

If you regularly work with spreadsheets, this might be too basic for you but to someone like me who rarely uses them, this little tip might come in handy. A “.CSV” file or “Comma-separated values” is a text file format that uses commas to separate values. Usually designed to be opened in spreadsheets.

I don’t work with many but every now and then, I want one to open properly in a spreadsheet program like “OpenOffice Calc” or “Calc Spreadsheet – LibreOffice“. When you first open up a spreadsheet in either program it asks you to choose the format.

I would just click on “OK“, not sure what settings to choose so I usually ended up with a jumbled mess all cramped into one column. I assumed the program would straighten everything out. It did not.

Didn’t give it too much thought until I started fooling around with a new program called “ONLYOFFICE Editors”.

Download ONLYOFFICE Editors

This suite includes Document (writer), Spreadsheet, and Presentation. When I tried to open a “.csv”, it gave a simpler option box. I left the “Encoding as is – Unicode (UTF-8)”, but the “Delimiter” was set to “Tab”. I clicked on it and selected “Comma” from the drop-down list.

Finally got the result that I wasn’t trying too hard to find. 🙂 The CSV file is properly formatted.

The setting was right there in both OpenOffice and LibreOffice. In the box that opens when you try to open a spreadsheet, check the “Comma” option. On the bottom of the box, you even get a little preview.

I didn’t change any other settings. Then click “OK”. Looks good and prints up better. The simplest things you can miss are right under your nose.

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