How To Insert Pictures Into Word

It is extremely easy to insert pictures into your Word documents. Below, you will see how to insert pictures and how different sorts of pictures can be added.

Insert Pictures

Follow the steps below to learn how to insert a picture:

  1. Click on the Insert tab on your Ribbon and then go to the Illustrations section.
  2. Click Pictures and a small menu will open where you will be presented with three different options.
  3. Under this menu, you will see different options for where you would like to place a picture.
  4. This Device will open File Explorer and will allow you to select any picture stored on your computer.
  5. Stock Images will open a library of royalty-free images, icons, stickers, illustrations, and cutout people that you may select and use in your document. These are copyright free. NOTE: This option is only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers.
  6. Online Pictures will open a selection of pictures from online sources that you may search through. Please note that pictures from some online sources may be subject to copyright restrictions.
  7. Once you have selected the picture you would like, click Insert. You will find this in the lower right-hand corner.  This will be in the same place for all three options. The next button in Illustrations is Shapes and they are very useful because they can be resized, colored, and manipulated.

Insert Shapes

Follow the steps below to learn how to insert a shape:

  1. In the Illustration group, click on Shapes to open a large panel of shapes.
  2. Once you have made your choice of shape, click it and the Shapes panel will disappear.
  3. You will see a large plus symbol and you are able to move it where you would like using your mouse.
  4. Instead of clicking with the Plus sign, you can click and drag, making your shape larger or smaller. In some instances, you can even alter the shape.

You will see that Word provides you with myriad shapes.

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