How To Insert Illustrations In Word 365

There are many sorts of graphic objects than can be considered illustrations in Word. In this post, I am going to tell you how to view them and what they all mean.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

On your Ribbon, click the Insert tab and then look at the Illustrations section.

Pictures: These are usually photographs or other images saved in one of many formats supported by Word (i.e., .jpg, .png, and .svg.)

Shapes: These are line drawings of common shapes (i.e., rectangles and ovals). These shapes are scalable and most of their outlines can be manipulated to change their shape. Shape outlines can be hidden or colored and they are mostly filled with color or a pattern.

Icons: These are similar to shapes but typically more complex. They are also scalable and their outline and fill colors can be changed.

3D Models: These are 3D images that can be tilted and rotated 360 degrees to get the look of your choice in your document.

SmartArt: This is a pre-formatted and very stylized style of graphic that you can use to create things like lists and process diagrams.

Chart: These are a visual representation of data that can be added to Word. Charts share many of the same properties as other illustrations.

Screenshot: This allows you to capture an image of an open app and add it to your document. You can also use the Screen Clipping tool to clip any portion of your screen and add that, too.

Caveat: Support for .svg files is only available in Word for Office 365 as far as I know.

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