How To Help Fight COVID-19 With Your Computer

The Folding@Home mission according to their website:

Folding@home is a project focused on disease research. The problems we’re solving require so many computer calculations and we need your help to find the cures!

Basically, you can donate some of your computing power to help fight this disease and many others. I now have this set up on my Windows 7 system since I don’t use it for more than backing up. If you want to help, go to their site and download the software. Install and run it and it will then open a window in your browser.

You can use the slider to set the power level (how much of your CPU power to use). You can also set it to operate Only when idle or have it running all the time While I’m working. You can start your own group or join someone else’s. They talk about a point system, but I do not understand what they are for. I think it’s just bragging rights.

So if you ever said to yourself, ”I wish I could do something”, well now you can. And to end with the battle cry for this year, Stay Home And Stay Safe.

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