How To Fix PC To TV Streaming Not Working

I’ve been having problems with my cable for a few months now. Sometimes I just lose the channels with a 5102 error stating there is a problem connecting to the media server. Then I have my YouTube videos constantly crashing, from the app on the cable box, not on my computer.

I’ve had tech support out here twice and all they did was replace the cable box. Three cable boxes, the same problem. I think it’s the modem. Anyway, the last time they changed over the cable box, I lost my ability to stream from my computer to my TV.

I got this CURL/SOAP error.

I didn’t know if it was the box or my computer. I finally came across a solution online that worked. The problem seemed to be on my computer.

I had to replace a possible corrupted Media Player cache folder. I had to either delete it or at least rename it. When Media Player was started again it would automatically recreate the folder. When dealing with system files like this I prefer to just rename the files.

To do this, type this in Windows search and press enter:


In the window that opens, scroll down to the Media Player folder and rename it to something like Media Player.old.

You can delete it if you want (your choice here). It is suggested to restart the PC and open Media Player. I opened Media Player and then went to my cable box. My computer was listed, as usual, but will it work? It did. Problem solved.

I’ll eventually have to get the cable company out here again to try to get them to replace the modem to solve my other problems.

2 thoughts on “How To Fix PC To TV Streaming Not Working”

  1. Terry, why are you NOT using VLC? I ditched WMP years ago. But I know the answer, some members are still using WMP, Mindblower!

    1. Terry Hollett

      Media streaming through my cable box from my computer is dependent on the components built into Windows media sharing through WMP. I don’t have a choice there. VLC is my media player of choice otherwise.

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