How To Fix MalwareBytes “Unable To Connect” Error

MalwareBytes Error

I tried to run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) last night and got a small pop-up error claiming it was Unable to connect the Service.

How To Fix It

The solution was simple. On my Windows 7 machine I clicked on Start, then Control Panel, then went into Administrative Tools and double-clicked on Services.

I found the Malwarebytes Service in the list and it was disabled.

So, I right-clicked on it and went into properties.

In the properties window, on the General tab, in the Startup type section, I clicked on Disabled and switched it to Automatic.

Then I clicked on the Apply button. This allowed me to then click on the Start button to start the service.

MalwareBytes should start up just fine after that.

7 thoughts on “How To Fix MalwareBytes “Unable To Connect” Error”

  1. And how did it get “disabled”? Mine did they same, and I did not disable. Also had big issue with a CCLEANER showing virus. Any comments on that?

    1. Terry Hollett

      I’m not sure either how it got disabled. A certain version of CCleaner was hacked and compromised with malware.

  2. James H. Lord

    Terry, with several excellent ‘cleaners’ avaialable, Ashampoo Win Optimier, Reg Organizer and including Privazer which is free, the three best which clean in a far more superior way than CCleaner.
    Did you not read the latest about Piriform, Avast buying CCleaner awhich has spread malware all over the world.
    Anyone involved with a computer would be allowing arbage into their expensive machine by using CCleaner, especially the ‘free’ version and all of which continually bypasses lots of malware.
    If you check the history of DCT when Jim Hillier did a comparison between Privazer and CCleaner you will discover that Privazer, which still performs faultlessly, was better than the now suspect CCleaner.

    1. Terry Hollett

      Yes I’m aware of other cleaners but being a creature of habit and using Ccleaner for so long. It always satisfied my needs. I am also aware about the Hacking situation and just mentioned it in the previous comment to Vince Lord.

      It’s always debatable if any of theses cleaners are necessary. For example they all clean out the web cache but the web cache is designed to make web pages seem to load faster. They claim to Free up drive space but with the super sized hard drives of today – I’ve had my desktop for four years and at any given time only been using about 20% of my drive.

      I only use Ccleaner once a month just before making a backup image. I like to clean up my system a little bit with Ccleaner, a Malwarebyes scan and quick scan with Superantispyware .

    2. To James H. Lord:

      I wrote about my personal favourites in the forum. We all have software we like and dislike (mostly due to a bad experience). And we often carry this practice of liking and disliking for many years (myself included) and know this is not fair, as the company and product can change.

      The point being, is the company honest in revealing a problem or do they try and cover it up.

      I use Malwarebytes Pro, have not experienced the problem Terry did, I’m using Windows 8.1. and most of my software is run on 2 computers, of different ages, and the only difference I have observed, is the more protection devices one has installed, on a slower older processor, the more time it takes to operate, making it seem as if it’s infected (had to add this extra).

      As this is a place to exchange ideas, not using CCleaner, I respect your comments and hope you also respect those of others, Mindblower!

  3. Dear Mr.Hollett,

    I tried this method and it does not seem to resolve the issue.What else can be done? The feature AUTOMATIC is already one and there is no DISABLE showing up.

    Second,is MB absolutely necessary if one has Bitdefender Total Security 2018 and ADWCleaner? I tried to even allow access feature in the BD for MB,so that BD does not block it but in vein.Nothing seems to work–in fact,BD allow access feature shows all folders and MB. but it can’t be brought under” allow access”. Usually, the program we want to allow BD to allow access,once clicked,shows the O.K. option.That was in grey.Something blocks this feature for MB.

    If MB is not absolutely essential,I will forget about it.I had tried Windows Repair from,just out of curiosity though there wasn’t any issue with my system and MB was working well with BD.It was after this WR ,I feel,that this issue emerged.

    I have tried Superantispyware but it’s not supposed to be just as good.So I have been trying MB.

    Please reply to my email.

    1. Terry Hollett

      Malwarebytes is not essential unless it is your only protection , as in your case it is not. There does seem to be some conflict between Malwarebytes and Bitdefender unfortunately I’m not familiar with Bitdefender, I’ve never used it. But you mentioned you tried to give access to the MB folder. Have you tried just adding the individual exe files inside the folder instead of the entire folder?

      Another suggestion I’ve found online was to uninstall Malwarebytes and the reinstall it. Malwarebytes when it installs now it automatically installs as the premium version which can conflict with Bitdefender.. I would uninstall Malwarebytes, disable my anti-virus temporarily reinstall Malwarebytes open program (if it opens) click on settings then My Account tab and switch to Free version. Close, enable anti-virus see if malwarebytes will run.

      Otherwise next to Malwarebytes I’ve always recommended Superantispyware as a second option.

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