How To Fix Facebook Lagging In Opera

The past week or so, Facebook on my system was really lagging and slow to respond. I cleared out the cache, thinking it might help but didn’t. After a few minutes on Facebook, the page becomes more and more unusable. Response times are slowed down. When I check the task manager, Opera is using over a GB of memory. This is just with Facebook open. No other tabs. Twitter also jumps to over a GB when open, but it still works properly.

I checked online and found nothing. Checked at the Opera forum, still nothing. Eventually, it occurred to me it might be one of my extensions. I was going to disable them all at first and see if it would make any difference.

So I went to Opera’s extensions page. Just type the word extensions in the web address or URL bar at the top of the browser and press Enter. Or Click on Menu, then Extensions, and then again Extensions.

Or if you have the sidebar visible, click on the cube symbol.

I was going to disable them all but then I disabled the last one added, a one called Honey. It is supposed to help you find deals online. I checked Facebook after and sure enough, it became a little more responsive so I knew I was on the right track. I assumed the other culprit would be an extension scanning the page all the time, and the one that caught my eye was WOT, The Web Of Trust.

To disable an extension in Opera, find the extension you want on the page and click on the little switch. If it’s blue, it’s on and if gray, it’s off.

With both disabled, Facebook is acting normal again except I still can’t see my notifications. Good enough. Some other time.

4 thoughts on “How To Fix Facebook Lagging In Opera”

  1. I was having the same problem with Facebook on Firefox. Started to drive me over the edge. I changed my browser for Facebook to Vivaldi and got some improvement. Not great, but better. Facebook on Chrome also was slow.
    After reading your article about the extension WOT, I disabled it in Vivaldi. A world of difference. I also disabled it in Chrome with the same results. I am going to try Firefox next.
    Thanks for the find.

  2. For what it is worth, my 2 cents, WOT used to be a valuable tool. As pointed out to me recently, it no longer is trustworthy. Truly a pity, Mindblower!

  3. David MacDowell blue

    I don’t have any of these extensions yet I’m having severe trouble anyway.

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