How To Exclude Files, Folders In Malwarebytes

I wrote before about using a program called Audials.

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One commenter claimed to have problems downloading HD videos. I tried on my own with no issues. So I searched online to see if others were having problems. I got to forums that suggested that Malwarebytes Ransomware Protection might be the cause.

To disable this it’s simple enough. Open the program and down in the right-hand corner you’ll see a section called Real-Time Protection. Just click on the little switch opposite Ransomware Protection. This only applies to the premium version. If you are using the free version, it’s not enabled anyway.

If you don’t want to disable your protection while downloading videos, then just add Audials to the exclusion list. Just click on the settings wheel in the top right-hand corner. Then click on the Allow List. Then Add.

Then, Allow a file or folder.

Find the file or folder you want to allow– in this case C:\Program Files(x86)\Audials. Then select folder.

And then click on Done. In the Exclusion rules section, because I only have the free version, I only have one option– Exclude from detection as malware or potentially unwanted item only.

In the premium version, you can experiment with the other two options, whatever works best. And now you’ll see the excluded file/folder in the list.

I haven’t yet heard from the commenter in question, so I don’t know if this helped solve the problem. The only other option that I’ve come across to fix the Audials problem was to check for updates.

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