How To Evenly Place Your Table Rows In Word

OK, you know what data you want to use in your table, and you think you have all your formatting in place. So now you start to input your data and you find that even though the height of your table seems correct and pleasing to the eye, your rows look funny. Hmm, how to rectify this? You decide that it would look a lot more pleasing to the eye and be easier to navigate if your rows were the same height. The good news is, this is not terribly difficult to do.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Place your insertion point (cursor) someplace in your table.
  2. Click the Layout tab on your Ribbon.
  3. In the Cell Size group, click Distribute Rows.

You will notice now that Word has changed the height of your selected row(s).

Be aware though, that if things do not look exactly as you thought they should, it could be due to the fact that you used a larger or smaller sized font in one of your cells. This will affect your row height and you may have to fiddle with it to get it exactly the way you would like it.

Overall though, this is a very easy fix, right?

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