How To Easily Create Multiple Taskbars

If you are running out of space on your Taskbar, or if you have already run out of space, Linkbar is a terrific little free and portable utility that allows you to easily create multiple Taskbars and position them wherever you like.

Creating Additional Taskbars With Linkbar

First off, you’ll need to create a new folder in a location of your choice. The software is portable, but the directories are named by version number so I recommend you name the folder “Linkbar” to simplify updating later. I created a folder named Linkbar in Documents.

The download consists of a 2.6MB ZIP folder extracting to 6.5MB. Download directly from SourceForge or from MajorGeeks. At first run you’ll be asked whether to create a new Linkbar for all users or only for yourself. Select your preferred option, then navigate to and choose the folder you created earlier. When done, click the Create button.

By default, the new Linkbar is positioned across the top of the screen but this can easily be changed via the settings. Settings also include options to change the color, size, transparency, and behavior of the Linkbar. You can choose to auto-hide the Linkbar and only show with a mouseover, left click, or right click. You can also choose to position your shortcuts from left to right (for horizontal Linkbar), up to down (for vertical Linkbar), or to center the shortcuts. It’s all highly customizable.

Settings are accessed by a right-click on the Linkbar as well as options to create a new shortcut, separator, or Linkbar, and delete an existing Linkbar. Drag and drop shortcuts from the desktop or create new shortcuts to virtually anything.

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“Taskbar” is probably a misnomer. There is, of course, no Start button or System Tray (aka Notification Area), only provision to add more shortcuts for quick access. So, a more appropriate name would probably be “Launch bar”. I have a 27″ 2K monitor so my Taskbar is plenty for my needs. However, if your Taskbar is short on space, Linkbar certainly provides a simple and easy way to create more space. Linkbar is lightweight, free, portable, and highly customizable– a great option.

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